Freelance writing for magazines, newspapers and web sites
Rebecca MacDonald has interviewed and written about prominent women making a difference
such as Linda Armstrong Kelly on raising seven-time
Tour de France winner and cancer survivor
Lance Armstrong; Debbie Clemens on her own business endeavors and charity work with
husband and baseball star Roger Clemens; Eileen Collins, the first woman to pilot the space
shuttle; The Golf Channel's
The Big Break III competitor Jan Dowling; and LPGA star Kelli Kuehne.
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Personality Profiles
Astronaut & Space Shuttle
pilot Eileen Collins
Debbie Clemens on life
with baseball star Roger
Linda Armstrong Kelly
on raising Lance
The Big Break III star
Jan Dowling
Dallas-area radio
personality Andi Jaxson
LPGA star Kelli Kuehne
Former UT women's
coach Susan Watkins
LPGA Professional
Lisa DePaulo
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“I had the fortunate
experience of growing up
alongside Lance. I was the
kind of mom who was out
there roller skating and riding
bikes along-side him. He
would find some interest, and
I would say, great, let’s
do it together.”

— Linda Armstrong Kelly

“It’s a pretty nice perk for me
to be able to take my wife
golfing for our 20th

— Roger Clemens

"In an emergency you have
to make decisions,
there’s no time to call Ground
Control. You need to be
flexible and adapt. That’s why
our preparation and training
are so important.”

— Eileen Collins
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